Family history


The family Struik comes from the Reestdaal. This is the area between Meppel and

Hoogeveen in the southwest of Drenthe on the border with Overijssel, the Netherlands.

In the Reestvalley agriculture was pursued from 1600 till the beginning of 1900 predominantly.

This predominantly in mixing companies, also isolates in only agriculture or milk economy.

Genealogy of the families Struik:    Family tree forefathers  

With the among other things surnames: Dijsselhof, Flugt, Klasen, Kleinmeijer, Koezen,

Koster, Linde, Oosting, Pit, van 't Schot, Schot,

Strijker, Vogelsanck, Vogelzang, van Wietmerschen,

Wildeboer and Zomer.


With the among other things surnames: Bijker, Hengeveld, Katerberg, Kooij, Mulder, Nijboer,

Spijker, ter Haar and Zomer.

From mother's side: the family Wever comes from origin from Gasselte and Smilde, Regio

Assen, the Netherlands. About 1850 a relocation found instead of in

the circle of Emmen in southeast of Drenthe, the Netherlands.

The vicinity of Emmen stood in the sign of the peat digging from middle

of 1800 till the beginning of 1900. Many members of the family were

occupied in it.

Genealogy of the family Wever:     Family tree forefathers   

With the among other things surnames: Brandsma, Goeree, Kost, Mulder, Saadhoff,

Schade, de Veen.


With the among other things surnames: Bennink, Boer, Bos, Dieters, Hartman, Homans,

Kaarst, Koops, Moes, Overstegen, Post, Prins,

Struik and Vos.


The family Vollmer comes from the area around Durbach on the Badischen Winestreet.

In the west of the Black Forest, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.

Durbach "The golden wine village" lies in a valley with the brook Durbach and has 42

wonderful side valleys, where beside Tourism of course the most important one

income resource the wine and fruit cultivation is

Genealogy of the family Vollmer:    Family tree forefathers  

With the among other things surnames: Benz, Diez, Kiefer, Männle and Schilli.


With the among other things surnames: Grunow, Struik, Vollmer

From father's side: the family Cuny comes from the surroundings of Lille to the Province

the north Pas of Calais. In France on the border with Belgium.

Genealogy of the family Cuny:        Family tree forefathers   

With the among other things surnames: Cuny.


With the among other things surnames: Struik, Vollmer.

Gaby & Henk Struik

Born in Zwolle, the Netherlands. My youth was in the mine area of the south Limburg in the

Netherlands. After my education in the mine I have necessarily changed in the Hotel &

Catering industry. From 1966 I was in the international Hotel & Catering industry active.

In the Black Forest I have got to know my life partner Gaby, she was active till 2006 in the


In the 70s has tried to emigrate we to South Africa, Canada, the USA, Indonesia or New

Zealand. Unfortunately, without success in spite of employment contract, because we every

time no work permit or visas could get.

Then end 70th beginning of the 80s I was active in the tourism branch.

In spring, 2009 we move to Obervellach in the Mölltal, Austria, where we them wonderful

mountain world will enjoy.